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Color your Yacht in an exciting color, protect your gelcoat or create a unique print design. 

Everything is possible with YACHTFILM SmartWrap.

Color vinyl films are durable, color stable polymeric films with a permanent adhesive. High quality films for nautical applications have become an accepted alternative finish to paint. The brands we exclusively use at Yachtfilm, have many years of lifespan and offer a perfect way to color the entire hull or accentuate parts of your yacht. 

Once applied they maintain the original paint or gelcoat finish while having many advantages over regular paint or gelcoat finishes. They offer paint like high-gloss finishes in many different colors not available in paint and can be treated just like any painted surface. 


As a yacht owner you’ll be familiar with marine painting procedures. Vinyl wrapping is a viable alternative as it reduces costs and is less time consuming. Expensive and labour intensive repainting is no longer necessary since vinyl wrapping enables you to transform your yacht in a matter of a few days. Depending on the size of the yacht the cost savings are significant, ranging from 30%-70%.

Save Time and Money 

with a Smart Wrap

Application of vinyl films is possible during it’s build phase, when it’s delivered or during regular maintenance work, when you want to achieve a new, refreshed look.

Installing a yacht wrap can be an enhancement to any vessel, recreational or commercial. Stand out as a charteryacht or turn heads as an owner. You can wrap any painted surface on your yacht above the waterline. Hulls, superstructures, transoms, floors and don’t forget those water toys to colormatch them to your yacht! Applications are only limited to you imagination! Our design team can assist you with creating the yacht of your dreams.


The SMARTWRAP Advantage


A new look doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our smart approach cuts cost and time. So you can enjoy more time on the water and spend less at the dock.

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Increased Value

Increase the resale value of your yacht through a unique design or color.

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Enhanced Looks

A new color an transform your yacht into an eye-catcher

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Protects Paint

Under the film your original gelcoat or paint is protected

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More Colors

You can choose form a wide array of colors or even create your own

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Save Money

Vinyl wrapping costs significantly less than a new paint job

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Easy Maintenance

Vinyl films do not require polishing and can be easily repaired

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Less Downtime

Installing vinyl film can be done in less than half the time than repainting

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Fully Reversible

The film can be easily removed and recycled to your original paint. 

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No Toxic Waste

Vinyl films save the environment by not requiring chemicals.

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Custom Design

Your custom design is possible to be printed on vinyl film.




We believe in excellent service and customer satisfaction from start to finish. Our reliable process ensures quality and transparency for our clients. 


We Listen

You can tell us your ideas, ask us questions and share your concerns​​


We Inform

We discuss color and material options with you, show you samples and analyze your yacht on site with you. We believe in face to face communication.


Receive your offer

We will consider all your wishes and choices into an offer. We will also share a time schedule and a completion date with you.​​


You Decide

You inform us about your decision. After agreeing on the terms, we will start our procurement process and keep you informed about the time schedule.​


Start of Work

Our team arrives at the location of your yacht and starts work.


During Work

We will share regular updates with you and provide you with pictures and information about every step.



Our team has completed the work and is eager to see your reaction to your transformed yacht.​​


End Inspektion and Handover

A quality inspection will be conducted before presenting the finished work to you.


Season check

Follow up inspection after one season. We inspect the wrap again, make sure nothing is lifting to secure long term durability.

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