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YACHTFILM Ceramic Coating


The Smart way to clean

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A Nano Ceramic Coating protects, enhances gloss and self cleans for years. A true aesthetic and functional alternative to your annual polish and wax.

Exterior surfaces on yachts are subject to extreme conditions. Constant UV radiation and heat, salt water, abrasive fenders and lines all have a detrimental effect on painted surfaces. Unprotected, these surfaces degrade, loose their aesthetic appeal and also their protective function of the underlying  hull material.

Yachtfilm has selected materials and developed solutions for yacht owners who want to protect and maintain their investments from premature and damaging elements. 

We think it’s time to offer the advances in coating technology to the marine industry and have created a unique and proprietary process for the application of ceramic coating on any yacht surface.

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A marine grade ceramic coating offers many advantages over the traditional waxing procedure. While the application requires expertise and should only be performed by a professional, once applied it's properties outperform traditional wax or other polymer sealants in many ways.

Mirror Finish and Protection with YACHTFILM Ceramic Coating

It’s lifespan is up to 5 times longer, it offers superior gloss, protects your paint against UV induced aging and significantly eases cleaning and surface maintenance due to the unique water and dust repelling properties. 

If maintained properly and serviced once a year, the initial polishing and surface preparation is only necessary once, since the coating is very hard and protects the surface from becoming dull again. Over time this allows for a re reduced maintenance costs and it can expand the lifetime of your paint or gelcoat by many years.


The YACHTFILM Ceramic Coating

A better and longer lasting finish, superior to any polish, that enhances your gelcoat appearance an protects against UV degradation.

Increased Value

Increase the resale value of your yacht through enhanced looks.

Lustrous shine

Outshine your neighbor with a mirror like gloss level

Protects Paint

Under the coating your gelcoat or paint is protected

UV Protection

Your paint and gelcoat will be protected against UV damage

Save Money

A coating outlasts any wax or polish

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning becomes easy and effortless. Just rinse and gently brush off any contaminants.

Save Time

Clean with ease and without chemicals.

Extend Paint Life

It significantly extends the life of your gelcoat/paint

No Toxic Waste

No need for harsh cleaning agents.

Maintain with ease

An annual refresh can be applied by the owner.




We believe in excellent service and customer satisfaction from start to finish. Our reliable process ensures quality and transparency for our clients. 


We Listen

You can tell us your ideas, ask us questions and share your concerns​​


We Inform

We discuss color and material options with you, show you samples and analyze your yacht on site with you. We believe in face to face communication.


Receive your offer

We will consider all your wishes and choices into an offer. We will also share a time schedule and a completion date with you.​​


You Decide

You inform us about your decision. After agreeing on the terms, we will start our procurement process and keep you informed about the time schedule.​


Start of Work

Our team arrives at the location of your yacht and starts work.


During Work

We will share regular updates with you and provide you with pictures and information about every step.



Our team has completed the work and is eager to see your reaction to your transformed yacht.​​


End Inspektion and Handover

A quality inspection will be conducted before presenting the finished work to you.


Season check

Follow up inspection after one season. We inspect the wrap again, make sure nothing is lifting to secure long term durability.

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